come on over vol. 23 // weekend round-up

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Good morning! I’m headed to church and brunch in a bit, but before that I wanted to share some of this pat week’s faves with you. I’m really making a push to transition more of my life to be eco friendly or even zero waste so I’m really excited about yet another facial spray/mist to share with you. There’s also some pasta, some cake…click through to read all about it!

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come on over vol. 19 // weekend round-up

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It. Is. Hot!!! I’m currently melting in very sunny Los Angeles and sweet baby Jesus in the manger I need a Slurpee that’s bigger than my head. (I think 7-11 has that size, right?) So many dope things happened this week and this time next week I’ll be prepping to see Harry Styles in concert for the last show of this tour. #winning

Let’s jump into this week’s favorites, shall we?

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come on over vol. 18 // weekend round-up

weekend round up6-01.jpg

Hello world! I dropped…off the grid. Big time. but! I’m back now (hopefully). I find it so hard to keep up with…stuff…when I’m in the midst of traveling a lot and trying to stay on top of my responsibilities. At the end of the day I just want to go home, watch Law and Order:SVU and pretend like my mound of laundry is not big enough to grow arms and legs and grab me. I’m headed to New York City in a couple of days (my first time back since I’ve moved!) so this is my effort to try to get my previous travels all caught up here. As usual, these are some of my favorites from the last week (or so)….

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come on over vol. 17 // weekend round-up

weekend round up5-01

Coming at ya from Joshua Tree National Park today! Yesterday we had a slow start to our day, but this morning we’re starting out earlier. Looking forward to another beautiful day in the desert with my best friends. While you’re relaxing today, click through to see what some of my faves from this week were…

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come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up

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happy sunday!

If you’re anywhere other than southern California I hope you are keeping warm and not under too many inches of snow. It’s been pretty ‘chilly’ here in LA the last week or so, but today is 80 degrees so needless to say I am not battling any elements. We’re just about at the end of January and I’ve had a great year so far. It kicked off with about two straight weeks of my parents visiting me and then I got a new job so I’ve been settling back into a routine. I have so many favorites to share with you so keep reading to see what I’ve loved these past few weeks. Continue reading “come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up”