california love // 10 things I πŸ’– about LA (so far)

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Although I’ve fallen behind on my LA diary blog posts and vlogs (I’m planning on catching up this weekend!), I’ve been in LA for four months now! Inspired by Danielle Peazar I thought I’d post about 10 things I’m loving about living in LA. I plan to revisit this list at the 6 month and one year mark to see how I’ve changed-or haven’t! Continue reading “california love // 10 things I πŸ’– about LA (so far)”

LA week 5 // I love you, mom

airplane window landscape

My original plan upon moving to LA was not to travel back to the East Coast until 2018. As much as I love traveling (really love traveling!), flying across country for short trips spent running around was not high on my idea of a fun time. However, my oldest cousin’s baby’s dedication and Mother’s Day weekend conspired against me and it seems that the powers that be had other plans. The powers that be, of course, are my mother. Continue reading “LA week 5 // I love you, mom”