come on over vol. 18 // weekend round-up

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Hello world! I dropped…off the grid. Big time. but! I’m back now (hopefully). I find it so hard to keep up with…stuff…when I’m in the midst of traveling a lot and trying to stay on top of my responsibilities. At the end of the day I just want to go home, watch Law and Order:SVU and pretend like my mound of laundry is not big enough to grow arms and legs and grab me. I’m headed to New York City in a couple of days (my first time back since I’ve moved!) so this is my effort to try to get my previous travels all caught up here. As usual, these are some of my favorites from the last week (or so)….

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5 ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS + some bonus faves

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I’m headed to Joshua Tree National Park with some of my besties tonight! Naturally, I was packing at like 1 am this morning before going to bed and having to go to work today. I’m not 100% sure I packed enough underwear, but I definitely have all of these essentials below!

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I was really excited to visit the Sequoia National Park with my best friend last week. Recently I’ve been getting the itch to escape into nature, go off grid, and reset in fresh air and this trip was just what I had in mind. If you’re anything like me, you like to do a ton of research before your trip so that once you’re on the trip you know what to expect and you can truly enjoy yourself. I read a bunch of blogs, guides and the official government website for the park and down below I’m going to recap some of the most important pieces of information. I’m also adding a few more tips I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. If you only ever read this post before you get ready to go I’ve got you covered. Continue reading “travel guide // SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK & KINGS CANYON ++”

sign of the times // HARRY STYLES CONCERT|LA

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I had my outfit for Harry’s concert planned weeks in advance. Weeks. Now, I like to think I’m a pretty realistic/well balanced person so I knew I wouldn’t be meeting Harry. (In truth, I’d rather not meet him in a fan setting because I’d like to actually work for him in wardrobe/styling.) Some how I still felt it very important to be well dressed so I unbuttoned my shirt to my navel-the Harry Styles way-put on some floral and boots and got to stomping. Nothing but the best for MY president. Continue reading “sign of the times // HARRY STYLES CONCERT|LA”