come on over vol. 22 // weekend round-up

weekend round up10-01

This week I (re)discovered the glory that is Manu Bennett in the show Spartacus. It was, in a word, excellent. After a somewhat lethargic start to the work I finally got my butt in gear and ended it by making one pair of pants, almost finishing a pair of shorts and finishing a book. Below are some of my faves from the past week!

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come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up


It’s officially peppermint mocha/hot chocolate season (my favorite seasonal beverages), but LA did not get that memo because it is still pretty warm. Not that I’m complaining…there’s a reason I had to move out of NYC. I’ve been going back and forth about getting a tiny Christmas tree or decorating my (many) plants in fairy lights. Honestly, I may do both. Last year I had a real tree for the first time in a long time, but this year I think I’ll just over do it in fake greenery. Continue reading “come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up”

sign of the times // HARRY STYLES CONCERT|LA

harrystyles sold out.jpg

I had my outfit for Harry’s concert planned weeks in advance. Weeks. Now, I like to think I’m a pretty realistic/well balanced person so I knew I wouldn’t be meeting Harry. (In truth, I’d rather not meet him in a fan setting because I’d like to actually work for him in wardrobe/styling.) Some how I still felt it very important to be well dressed so I unbuttoned my shirt to my navel-the Harry Styles way-put on some floral and boots and got to stomping. Nothing but the best for MY president. Continue reading “sign of the times // HARRY STYLES CONCERT|LA”

come on over vol. 5 | pieces of HOME

mosaic steps.png

best friends!

I’m publishing this from sunny Las Vegas in the midst of Life is Beautiful music and arts festival. I made it through my veggie challenge and I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it. The beginning of this week I had a craving for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, but I fended it off with coconut milk yogurt and granola. #ironcladwillpower I’ve also been eating my weight in the green bean stack from Veggie Grill. So. Freaking. Good. Continue reading “come on over vol. 5 | pieces of HOME”

come on over vol.3| pieces of HOME


you know when you stay up too late one night and wake up the next morning vowing to go to bed early that night? I said that yesterday and actually went to bed early. lights out before 11 pm. suffice it to say, I. am. tired. but my bed is currently the coziest nest ever, I’m safe from fire/flood/hurricanes (although I guess not nuclear weapons…?), well fed (still vegetarian/plant based!) and the sun is shining. today is a good saturday and this is still a very blessed life. Continue reading “come on over vol.3| pieces of HOME”