festival review // Life is Beautiful 2017

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I arrived in Las Vegas Friday afternoon and this festival was already starting in the lap of luxury as far as I was concerned. I flew in from LA, cutting a 4 hour drive into an hour plane ride and then headed to a hotel after meeting my friends. Yes, you read that right-a hotel. After camping at Coachella with very limited running water the idea that I would be sleeping in a bed (although I loathe hotels, generally) and have access to a shower was almost unfathomable. Almost. Luckily I didn’t have to stretch my imagination too far as the airport is not a long drive from the hotel. We stayed at the Four Queens, which was perfect considering we were indeed, four queens. Continue reading “festival review // Life is Beautiful 2017”


make it work // festival DIYs

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As I mentioned a few days ago, today and tomorrow will be posts centered around festival DIYs and make-up looks. The thing I am loving about music festivals is that they’re a reason to break out that glitter, wig, or outfit that may otherwise not fit into your everyday life. There have been a few DIYs that I think could be perfect for stretching your creative muscles if you have the time. I’ll be staying in a hotel for this festival so these are accessory DIYs that will hopefully help to add some personalized pizazz to your OOTD! Continue reading “make it work // festival DIYs”

come on over vol. 4 | pieces of HOME

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The air is starting to get crisp at night here in LA and I’m thinking to myself, ‘ha! and y’all said there were no seasons.’ Crisp air at night has been so divine and it has meant that I’m finally sleeping well more nights than not. I also finally wrote a post of some of my very brief thoughts on hair, which has been ruminating in the back of my mind for many evenings. Also never too far from my thoughts is the late Paul Walker who would have celebrated a 44th birthday this past week. The photo above is me in front of the house from the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise.  Continue reading “come on over vol. 4 | pieces of HOME”

come on over vol.1| pieces of HOME

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vol. 1 | 8.26.17

Hey best friend-we’re best friends now, right?-I’d love to share everything that’s making me feel at home this week. Look for regular Saturday installments of music, books, food, DIYs etc that are affirming, homey, encouraging, fun and rewarding. Continue reading “come on over vol.1| pieces of HOME”