It is no secret that I’m obsessed with my friends. Lots of relationships in our lives have value beyond the romantic ones and my friendships have been places where I’ve truly grown into myself. Isabel Norton has said something similar on the topic, that ‘in my friend, I find a second self.’ What a beautiful illustration of love, for indeed there are few feelings that compare to the feeling of finding self. Continue reading



I’m not going to lie, I internally (and probably not so internally…) cringe anytime someone makes a sweeping statement about ‘helping’ ‘Africa’. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with philanthropy or wanting to fill in gaps and help people who may need it. However, so often these statements are blithely made from within a bubble of misguided superiority and an misinformation of how global issue often have local origins.  Continue reading


This week I’ll be sharing a few thoughts, encouragements, and maybe a poem or two on the topic of love. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday and if you have a Valentine then I’m super pumped for you! I’m taking the time to think about love from a macro to micro call to action–beyond chocolate and roses. But I won’t say no to either if you want to send them to me. Continue reading

the allure of freedom // mercurial musings

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I wrote this suddenly after an onset of inspiration. It’s weird and raw and honest. In a lot of ways, it’s a love letter. In some it’s a map. Ultimately it is a declaration and realization that I wanted to share with you. Continue reading “the allure of freedom // mercurial musings”

numb // 5 ways to look after your strong friend

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I read (okay, skimmed…) an article recently about making sure you check in on your strong friend. I feel like we all have a friend that we look up to and admire and would describe as ‘strong’, together, confident and who always seems to go above and beyond. The kind of person whose theme song should be Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman.’ [Confession: I’d like to think this is my theme song.] The truth is that no matter how strong or together someone appears, life is tough and we all struggle. In the recent weeks there has been a spotlight on mental health, depression, suicide and the role that we can all play in looking after our friendships better. Continue reading “numb // 5 ways to look after your strong friend”