come on over vol. 19 // weekend round-up

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It. Is. Hot!!! I’m currently melting in very sunny Los Angeles and sweet baby Jesus in the manger I need a Slurpee that’s bigger than my head. (I think 7-11 has that size, right?) So many dope things happened this week and this time next week I’ll be prepping to see Harry Styles in concert for the last show of this tour. #winning

Let’s jump into this week’s favorites, shall we?

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come on over vol. 14 // weekend round-up

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I just checked the weather in New York City right now and it’s 31 degrees. The high for today is 80 degrees and I’m seriously thinking I may need to actually shave my legs and break out the shorts. In February. That’s only one of many of my favorite things for the week. Can’t wait to share the rest with you! Continue reading “come on over vol. 14 // weekend round-up”

bright lights // 5 Things I Miss About NYC

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Although there are many things I love about LA, after nearly 6 months I’ve found myself missing some things about New York City. Honestly, it has taken me about this long to really even notice. A couple of months into my time here someone asked me if I missed New York City and it hadn’t even occurred to me. I was too busy catching up on sleep, enjoying my favorite weather and seeing my best friend regularly to even think about New York City. As I’m coming out of the other side of my burn out I’m finding that there are things I really miss and I’m looking forward to a trip back to the city that never sleeps. After I get a couple more months of sleep, that is. Continue reading “bright lights // 5 Things I Miss About NYC”

come on over vol. 6 | pieces of HOME


Last week leading into the beginning of this week was a very musical week. It’s always hard to come back to reality after so much fun, but alas, here we are. At least we are together and if you’re reading this then we are both incredibly fortunate. The biggest messages I’ve seen floating around recently have been those of joy, kindness and love. It can sometimes feel so wrong to be enjoying life while others around the world are struggling to rebuild theirs, but I truly believe we can appreciate our blessings while we stand and support those around the world. Continue reading “come on over vol. 6 | pieces of HOME”

REVIEW: Cyc Fitness v Sanctuary Fitness LA

spin pin-01.jpgI figured since I’m always go on and on about how much I love spin class that a review was in order. As anyone who takes group classes on a regular basis knows, it’s not just about the technicalities like equipment and pace. ~Vibes play a very active role in finding classes that are perfect for you and there’s no shame in saying that! Hopefully I break down the magic behind good vibes and introduce you to your new spinning home! #HomeWhereverYouAre Continue reading “REVIEW: Cyc Fitness v Sanctuary Fitness LA”