DIY // 5 ways to overcome creator’s block

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For the last five years living in New York City I’ve looked forward to Thursday because it meant creative team night at my church. This was a night that everyone who served on creative teams (everything from musicians and vocalists to writers and graphic designers) got together to worship, hear from a creative leader in our church and learn more about our teams. There is something electric about being in a room full of people volunteering their time to be creative-it’s like the ideas are popping like fresh kernels on the stove.

But all too often I’ve found myself experiencing creator’s block where all of a sudden I have no great ideas, don’t know what I want to make, or can’t get started. Although I no longer live in NYC, it is Thursday so I thought it may be appropriate to share some ideas on how to overcome creator’s block and how I get the ideas flowing again! Continue reading “DIY // 5 ways to overcome creator’s block”


LA week 7 & 8 // design process

Hey friends!


In the interest in not being too redundant or boring my sweet, sweet audience to death some of the less ~exciting weeks will be combined. That also means that the video for those weeks will be different as well! This week, the video will be a bit of a behind the scenes of my design process. But before we get to that, a quick recap on week 7 and week 8 here in sunny LA. Continue reading “LA week 7 & 8 // design process”