come on over vol. 14 // weekend round-up

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I just checked the weather in New York City right now and it’s 31 degrees. The high for today is 80 degrees and I’m seriously thinking I may need to actually shave my legs and break out the shorts. In February. That’s only one of many of my favorite things for the week. Can’t wait to share the rest with you! Continue reading “come on over vol. 14 // weekend round-up”


come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up

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happy sunday!

If you’re anywhere other than southern California I hope you are keeping warm and not under too many inches of snow. It’s been pretty ‘chilly’ here in LA the last week or so, but today is 80 degrees so needless to say I am not battling any elements. We’re just about at the end of January and I’ve had a great year so far. It kicked off with about two straight weeks of my parents visiting me and then I got a new job so I’ve been settling back into a routine. I have so many favorites to share with you so keep reading to see what I’ve loved these past few weeks. Continue reading “come on over vol. 13 // weekend round-up”

set yourself up for success // 2018 GOALS


Hellllllo friends!

Man, I have been MIA since Christmas, eh? In 2017 I really began to embrace the power and value of cultivating inner peace (one of my 2018 goals!) which meant taking a step back from…well, everything in order to listen to myself. This has allowed me to take a mental stock of what is of value in my life, what I’m not interested in carrying any longer (I deleted about 200 contacts out of my phone, got rid of the Facebook app on my phone AND deleted a ton of Facebook friends. Plus I purged my IG.) where I want to go with this blog and what I want to communicate with my social media. The end of one year and beginning of the next can be such a powerful time of reflection if we give ourselves that space and fight the temptation to push content, statuses or otherwise misrepresent ourselves. In 2018 we can do better. Continue reading “set yourself up for success // 2018 GOALS”

joy to the world // 5 CHRISTMAS CARD DIYS

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I think the holiday season is my favorite DIY season, next to festival season. Everyone really steps up their game and there are pins, blog posts, and videos galore dedicated to do it yourself cards, gifts and home decor. I really enjoy making cards and gifts for people because it’s a little extra way to say, ‘I love you.’ I rounded up a few of my favorite ideas this year. If you’re on my list you may seem one of them in your mailbox soon! Continue reading “joy to the world // 5 CHRISTMAS CARD DIYS”