come on over vol.24 // weekend round-up

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Gold stickers to all of us, because we survived this week! I worked a thirteen hour work day outside overnight this week, skimmed the news and lamented, worked on my romper to wear to a Christina Aguilera concert tomorrow on the West Coast…I’m tired. We’re tired. I get it. I have some feel good things for you to reset with over the weekend. Keep reading to give your brain a break and remember that it is perfectly okay to take a step back in order to look after yourself. Inhale. Exhale. Let’s go.

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come on over vol. 23 // weekend round-up

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Good morning! I’m headed to church and brunch in a bit, but before that I wanted to share some of this pat week’s faves with you. I’m really making a push to transition more of my life to be eco friendly or even zero waste so I’m really excited about yet another facial spray/mist to share with you. There’s also some pasta, some cake…click through to read all about it!

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come on over vol. 22 // weekend round-up

weekend round up10-01

This week I (re)discovered the glory that is Manu Bennett in the show Spartacus. It was, in a word, excellent. After a somewhat lethargic start to the work I finally got my butt in gear and ended it by making one pair of pants, almost finishing a pair of shorts and finishing a book. Below are some of my faves from the past week!

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come on over vol. 21 // weekend round-up

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Short and sweet today, because for some inexplicable reason I was up until the sun came up this morning. Insomnia hit me like a freight train and I had to head to Pasadena this morning to meet a friend so I’m running on three hours of sleep, half an iced mocha and a lot of SVU episode reruns. So glad I had that praise break earlier in the week, because I couldn’t tell you what I accomplished without it!

If you’re into easy brownie recipes becoming more eco-friendly then click through to read this week’s round up!

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come on over vol. 20 // weekend round-up

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hey fam!

How are you getting by in this heat? The summer is zooming by and I hope you’re taking some time to do some fun things–weekend trips, outdoor movies, lots of slushies–the whole nine yards. I decided to head to San Diego for a long weekend and spend some much needed down time with my best friend. So far we’ve done some plant shopping, eaten tacos and are headed to the Farmer’s Market!

Some quick favorites from the past week below:

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