travel diary // Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon

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Fire up your playlist and come explore these gentle giants with me… Continue reading “travel diary // Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon”



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I was really excited to visit the Sequoia National Park with my best friend last week. Recently I’ve been getting the itch to escape into nature, go off grid, and reset in fresh air and this trip was just what I had in mind. If you’re anything like me, you like to do a ton of research before your trip so that once you’re on the trip you know what to expect and you can truly enjoy yourself. I read a bunch of blogs, guides and the official government website for the park and down below I’m going to recap some of the most important pieces of information. I’m also adding a few more tips I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. If you only ever read this post before you get ready to go I’ve got you covered. Continue reading “travel guide // SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK & KINGS CANYON ++”


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This past week I headed to the Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon Park with my best friend for a couple of days. She had a stretch of time off and I’m between jobs so this was the perfect road trip to explore something we had never seen before. Next week I’ll be posting a more wordy travel diary as well as my personal recommendations if you want to explore these national parks as well. For now, below are just some of the hundreds of photos I took on our trip.  Continue reading “photo travel diary // SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK & KINGS CANYON”

LA WEEK 28 // How much ice cream can we eat!?


My good friend and work out buddy Faith (@thesweatycoconut) came to visit me last week and we had so much fun! Before she arrived she sent me a list of things she wanted to do, and no lie, that thing was 50% ice cream places! We had a good laugh about that when she got to my place late Wednesday night. We had originally planned to do a tour of the Warner Brother’s Studios on Thursday, but my sleep addled brain accidentally selected Friday for our tickets so we took the time to plan just how to fit all of that ice cream in… Continue reading “LA WEEK 28 // How much ice cream can we eat!?”

bright lights // 5 Things I Miss About NYC

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Although there are many things I love about LA, after nearly 6 months I’ve found myself missing some things about New York City. Honestly, it has taken me about this long to really even notice. A couple of months into my time here someone asked me if I missed New York City and it hadn’t even occurred to me. I was too busy catching up on sleep, enjoying my favorite weather and seeing my best friend regularly to even think about New York City. As I’m coming out of the other side of my burn out I’m finding that there are things I really miss and I’m looking forward to a trip back to the city that never sleeps. After I get a couple more months of sleep, that is. Continue reading “bright lights // 5 Things I Miss About NYC”