california love // 10 things I πŸ’– about LA (so far)

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Although I’ve fallen behind on my LA diary blog posts and vlogs (I’m planning on catching up this weekend!), I’ve been in LA for four months now! Inspired by Danielle Peazar I thought I’d post about 10 things I’m loving about living in LA. I plan to revisit this list at the 6 month and one year mark to see how I’ve changed-or haven’t! Continue reading “california love // 10 things I πŸ’– about LA (so far)”

LA week 10 | it’s the climb

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Week 10 followed the formula of many of the weeks prior. Alyssa came into town for the weekend and we had a relaxing and fun weekend planned. Saturday we went hiking at Runyon Canyon as she had never been before. We were choosing between lazing around the beach and going on a hike and the hike won out! We fueled up at a restaurant called β€˜Eat This’, which was absolutely delicious. Nothing like getting ready for a hike in the heat with a huge breakfast burger, mimosa and cinnamon rolls! We celebrated our great choice with frozen yogurt from Yogurtland, as all smart people should. Post hike I had an incredible amount of energy so after we came back to my apartment I did a quick HIIT work out in my living room. Endorphins, yes please… Continue reading “LA week 10 | it’s the climb”

LA week 7 & 8 // design process

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In the interest in not being too redundant or boring my sweet, sweet audience to death some of the less ~exciting weeks will be combined. That also means that the video for those weeks will be different as well! This week, the video will be a bit of a behind the scenes of my design process. But before we get to that, a quick recap on week 7 and week 8 here in sunny LA. Continue reading “LA week 7 & 8 // design process”

LA week 6 // sword play


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I’m just going to warn you from the jump, the next few weeks are going to be a little repetitive. BUT! I have something(s) super exciting (blog posts, videos, etc) coming up so expect to see more than the weekly β€˜I searched for jobs and had a fun weekend with my best friend’ blogs and vlogs. As for this week? You guessed it, a job interview, the job hunt continued and I had a super relaxing weekend with Alyssa. Continue reading “LA week 6 // sword play”