come on over vol.24 // weekend round-up

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Gold stickers to all of us, because we survived this week! I worked a thirteen hour work day outside overnight this week, skimmed the news and lamented, worked on my romper to wear to a Christina Aguilera concert tomorrow on the West Coast…I’m tired. We’re tired. I get it. I have some feel good things for you to reset with over the weekend. Keep reading to give your brain a break and remember that it is perfectly okay to take a step back in order to look after yourself. Inhale. Exhale. Let’s go.

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house plants to help fight the winter blues

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It seems like the entire population has decided that September 1st was the start of fall this year. I get it, we all want something to look forward to and pumpkin spice lattes, candles and holidays that involve a lot of eating in cozy clothes are just what the doctor ordered. Well, autumn has a way of starting real cute with all of that pumpkin stuff, then next thing you know it’s January 20th and you’re praying for some sun and the opportunity to go to the park.

A lot of people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) over the colder months and even if you’re not diagnosed with SAD you may feel a little blue after all of the fun celebrating is over. Then you start to be inundated with ‘get your beach body now!’ ads and the third blizzard of the season is a nuisance and not half as cute as that first snow day. Well, if you want something to help you combat that blue feeling, I’ve got just the thing.

Plants. Sweet, sweet, verdant green plants. We all know by now that plants are great because they can help purify the air of your home. But did you know that they also have been known to help with stress and anxiety? Researchers* have noted that people who are recovering in the hospital with plants seem to recover faster, are less fatigued and had less anxiety. Plants can also release water vapor into the air* which helps fight the cause of many winter colds (dry skin and dry mucus membranes that aren’t able to trap cold germs as effectively).

So keep reading to get a list of some great plants to invest in for the winter. Pick a couple up this weekend because we could all use the extra boost.

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come on over vol. 23 // weekend round-up

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Good morning! I’m headed to church and brunch in a bit, but before that I wanted to share some of this pat week’s faves with you. I’m really making a push to transition more of my life to be eco friendly or even zero waste so I’m really excited about yet another facial spray/mist to share with you. There’s also some pasta, some cake…click through to read all about it!

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