come on over vol. 9 | Pieces of Home


Hello friends!

I’m back this week with my round up and since I missed last weekend there may be a few faves from last week thrown in here. LA just went through another heat wave and my fall Chai drinking excitement had to be waylaid in favor of pointing 2 fans on me and gulping water. I think next week is supposed to be nice and cool again so I’m ready to get back to roasting veggies and drinking PSL knock offs*. Continue reading “come on over vol. 9 | Pieces of Home”


LA WEEK 28 // How much ice cream can we eat!?


My good friend and work out buddy Faith (@thesweatycoconut) came to visit me last week and we had so much fun! Before she arrived she sent me a list of things she wanted to do, and no lie, that thing was 50% ice cream places! We had a good laugh about that when she got to my place late Wednesday night. We had originally planned to do a tour of the Warner Brother’s Studios on Thursday, but my sleep addled brain accidentally selected Friday for our tickets so we took the time to plan just how to fit all of that ice cream in… Continue reading “LA WEEK 28 // How much ice cream can we eat!?”

#goals // 2017 New Year’s resolutions check in

GOALS PIN-01.jpgOkay, so don’t think I’m crazy, but let’s check in on those New Year’s resolutions. Frankly, I’m not a big traditional resolution person. Things like ‘eat less sugar’ or ‘lose 20 lbs’ are not realistic for me becuse the way those resolutions are framed results in a lot of negative thinking. For the last several years I’ve tried made yearly goals of things I want to increase rather than decrease. Doing this has actually helped me stay on target, more or less. I also like to take some time to think about what I’ve learned. This week, I figure I’d share that with you.
Continue reading “#goals // 2017 New Year’s resolutions check in”

come on over vol. 8 | Pieces of Home

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Hello friends!

Apologies for how late I am in getting this out today. I worked for 6 days leading from this past weekend into the early week with a day off before working this weekend as well so I don’t know if I’m coming or going! As much as I can be extroverted and social and outgoing I am a true introvert and I desperately need to catch up on my alone time in order to recharge. I’ll have two days off from work before my friend Faith arrives in LA next week and I want to be in tip top shape so we can make the most of her trip. But first, let me tell you about how donuts got me face to face with Milo Ventimiglia. Continue reading “come on over vol. 8 | Pieces of Home”

nesting // building HOME in temporary living spaces

home pin-01.jpg

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean that you have to wait to create home in your living space. I believe that home lives within you which gives you the ability to spread it into your living space at will. I’m looking forward to a day when I own a house and can paint the walls and hammer nails at will, but until that day I’m still going to build the coziest nest I can no matter where I am. Read on for some of my tips on how to achieve this in your space. Continue reading “nesting // building HOME in temporary living spaces”