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As I mentioned a few days ago, today and tomorrow will be posts centered around festival DIYs and make-up looks. The thing I am loving about music festivals is that they’re a reason to break out that glitter, wig, or outfit that may otherwise not fit into your everyday life. There have been a few DIYs that I think could be perfect for stretching your creative muscles if you have the time. I’ll be staying in a hotel for this festival so these are accessory DIYs that will hopefully help to add some personalized pizazz to your OOTD!

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DIY Hula Tasssel Earrings inspired by Damask Love
  1. DIY Hula Tassels (which I made into earrings) from Damask Love. Tassels have been a strong trend recently and I like them because they can be incredibly simple or bold without weighing you down. I’ve made tassels in the past from embroidery floss and didn’t love them because I felt like they were thin and too boring. This method of using one skein of embroidery floss per tassel ensures that you get the proper volume! You can obviously make these monochrome or color blocked and they won’t take more time than it takes to watch an episode of The Office to make.

    tassel necklace DIY
    The Summer Tassel Necklace from A Pair & A Spare.
  2. If you love accessory and clothing DIYs you have to be following A Pair & A Spare. I think I’ve been a fan of hers since I was in college and I love seeing what she comes up with. The Summer Tassel Necklace, above, is perfect for a festival and easily translates into a bold statement piece for your daily life. Again, you can make this monochrome with black tassels, or go unicorn princess with beautifully layered pastels. The power is in your capable hands.

    diy lace bralette
    Lace Bralette DIY from A Pair & A Spare.
  3. Speaking of layers, consider a lace bralette. Music festivals are hot and light breathable layers are the key to looking cute and not drowning in sweat. Layer it under a mesh top, crop top, or wear it on its own for a very bold look.

    alexander wang bralette diy.jpg
    Alexander Wang inspired Bralette DIY from A Pair & A Spare.
  4. If you want something with a liiitle more substance, then check out this other Alexander Wang inspired bralette instead. This could easily be made in another color and you could even layer the lace bralette under this one.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.03.21 AM.png
    Sequin Denim Shorts DIY from Follow Fashion.
  5. This last tutorial will require a bit of help from Google translate unless you’re fluent in Dutch, but I think it’s easy to follow. Shorts are practically a requirement at these things (which reminds me to get something to fight chafing…), but give yours a little update while you watch Netflix. This Sequin Denim Shorts DIY adds even more sparkle to your outfit before you even break out the glitter primer for your face. Consider adding it just to the back pocket(s) if you want something a bit more subtle.

If you’re headed to a festival sometime soon are you going to tackle any of these?If you don’t have anything lined up until next year considering making some of them for Christmas presents or pinning them in time for festival season next year!


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