come on over vol. 4 | pieces of HOME

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The air is starting to get crisp at night here in LA and I’m thinking to myself, ‘ha! and y’all said there were no seasons.’ Crisp air at night has been so divine and it has meant that I’m finally sleeping well more nights than not. I also finally wrote a post of some of my very brief thoughts on hair, which has been ruminating in the back of my mind for many evenings. Also never too far from my thoughts is the late Paul Walker who would have celebrated a 44th birthday this past week. The photo above is me in front of the house from the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. 

Keeping with the kind hearted heartthrob theme, I’m just daaays away from seeing Mr. Harry Styles himself in concert. Then two days later I’m off to Vegas for the Life is Beautiful music festival and I am so excited because I’ll be with my best friend. I’m in desperate need of quality time with her wherein I’m well-rested enough to enjoy it. In prep for the festival I’m throwing together two posts this coming Monday and Tuesday of some of the best festival DIYs and make-up looks. I always kill so much time clicking around so hopefully this will save you some time!

I’m looking forward to all of the art and hopefully will feel inspired enough to tackle this sweet 100 day design challenge I saw. For my veggie check in: still going strong! If you’re ever in the LA area I strongly recommend Mohawk Bend for vegan pizza and Veggie Grill for their green bean stack and their Beyond Meat burgers. I’ve been enjoying take out at home in bed while re-watching The Office because I love a good laugh before bed.


Mohawk Bend
Veggie Grill

100 Day Sketchbook Challenge


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