crown // don’t touch my hair

blonde wig

In truth, I’ve written this post a dozen different times in my head with a dozen different slants. It has fluctuated between scathing, casual, informative, pointed and anecdotal. This will probably land squarely in the middle of all of that, if it’s possible to find a middle in all of that. I honestly don’t care that much for talking about hair to people that have no clue about black hair. It’s tedious, alienating, frustrating, embarrassing, awkward, and infuriating all at once and as it’s a relatively new thing for me I find it to be quite a waste of time as well. Why in heavens name are people so curious about my hair and what has possessed them to reach for it with no regard for personal space or basic manners? It’s a bizarre question and position I’ve found myself in since ‘going natural’, aka no longer chemically straightening my hair, in the winter of 2013. I recently decided to start wearing my natural hair out more and it has featured prominently on my Instagram stories as of late. As I anticipated the influx of questions that I, quite frankly, wasn’t going to answer I formulated the idea to write one post and be more or less done with the topic. So here you go *waves hands in spirit fingers*, get in losers we’re talking about hair. Continue reading “crown // don’t touch my hair”