come on over vol.3| pieces of HOME


you know when you stay up too late one night and wake up the next morning vowing to go to bed early that night? I said that yesterday and actually went to bed early. lights out before 11 pm. suffice it to say, I. am. tired. but my bed is currently the coziest nest ever, I’m safe from fire/flood/hurricanes (although I guess not nuclear weapons…?), well fed (still vegetarian/plant based!) and the sun is shining. today is a good saturday and this is still a very blessed life.

speaking of blessed, the king of cheekbones and beautiful ragas, Zayn has dropped a new single with Sia. ‘dusk till dawn; follows in the lane of Zayn as fictional lover to us all as he croons “Light it up, on the run/Let’s make love tonight/Make it up, fall in love, try.” Zayn, please. cry over his cheekbones and watch the action packed music video while in a pillow nest on your bed for comfort. speaking of action packed, Fenty Beauty finally launched from ya favorite island girl, Rihanna. with 40 (!!) shades of foundation I’m looking forward to swinging by a Sephora so I can see her products for myself. (although the shade range is fantastic, I’m looking forward to seeing more variety for the darker shades in the future).

does anyone else have a propensity for starting crafts and then not finishing the project….? I’ve been determined to make tassel earrings from embroidery floss I’ve had in my crafting kit for ages. I even made a tassel one evening! but then I realized I didn’t have any more in that color to make a matching tassel. oops. guess who’s going to actually follow through, though? meeeee! I came across this super cool DIY and this is even better than the earrings I intended to make. plus they’re multicolored and you know I love to mix prints & colors any chance I can.

don’t forget to keep Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida, Houston, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Oregon, Montana and the world at large in your thoughts and prayers as wildfires, hurricanes and floods rage. remember to do your research before donating money to any causes to make sure it will be well utilized. here is a hurricane check list to review. if you don’t live in the path of a hurricane, I still encourage you to pack an emergency bag that can be grabbed if you need to leave your house quickly. growing up in the foreign service this has been instilled in me and I updated mine just last night.

as always, have a safe week. I’m wishing you love and safety to you, your family and close friends.


lists are rad:
WATCH: Dusk till Dawn by Zayn feat. Sia
WEAR: Fenty Beauty make-up by Rihanna
DIY: Hula Tassel Earrings by Damask Love
PREPARE: Hurricane Check List

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