california love // 10 things I 💖 about LA (so far)

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Although I’ve fallen behind on my LA diary blog posts and vlogs (I’m planning on catching up this weekend!), I’ve been in LA for four months now! Inspired by Danielle Peazar I thought I’d post about 10 things I’m loving about living in LA. I plan to revisit this list at the 6 month and one year mark to see how I’ve changed-or haven’t!palm trees_lightleak.jpg

  1. Palm trees: I mean, come on. Does this one even need an explanation? So far, walking outside and looking up and seeing palm trees against a blue sky or the pastels of a sunset has not gotten old. At all. It is so quintessentially LA and I’m lapping it up.

  2. Weather: One of the things that truly got to me in the last couple of years in NY was the weather. I felt like it was winter 9 months of the year, rained another 2 months straight and then was hotter than the devil’s bedroom for one month. Autumn in NY is magical, but everything else was either hot and soggy or cold and soggy and I was tired of carrying my laundry through snow drifts to get to the laundromat. I love the dependability of the weather in LA. It’s the exact temperature split that makes me happy. When I arrived in April it was nice overall, with some days in the 70s that felt ‘chilly’ and during the summer it’s been mostly 80 or 90 which is great beach weather. I also love that it cools down in the evening because it is divine to sleep with just a fan on and a cool breeze. When I was in NY I had the fan, but no cool breeze.


  3. Beaches: I’m originally from Virginia Beach and despite the fact that I a) can not swim (I know!!) and b) didn’t actually go the beach that often, I’m a beach girl at heart. I love looking out over the open sea and I cannot imagine how people live in cities that are land locked. Just the thought makes me feel a a little claustrophobic. The beaches in the LA and San Diego area have a lot of variety. Some are just sun and surf and families relaxing while others are rockier and others still have more entertainment and boardwalk features. All I need is a quiet stretch of sand and a place nearby that sells cheap and delicious fish tacos.

  4. Vegan/gluten free friendly options: I did the Whole 30 before I went on vacation last year and discovered that the source of my intestinal discomfort could be narrowed down to gluten. I’ve had stomach discomfort off and on as long as I can remember and I was considering going to a doctor to see if they could figure out what was going on. I tried the Whole 30 as a last ditch effort (+ ‘bikini body’ prep) and it helped me immensely. I can eat gluten, but it’s a real gamble on how my body will react to it. I’m not obsessive about it, but having easily accessible gluten free options is really sweet. Even though I’m not vegan (and have no plans to ever be vegan) I really enjoy eating plant based and vegan meals, especially when I want to order in. My two favorites thus far are byChloe (which I fell in love with while living in NY) and Gratitude Cafe.


  5. Tacos: Speaking of, have I mentioned that tacos are one of my favorite food groups? Between tacos and Thai food I would be 100% set if I had an endless disposable income.

  6. Vista theater: Y’all already know I love the Vista. Matinee movies for $6.50. Non matinee movies for $9.50. In this time we live in where movies are $17 I’m ecstatic that a place like the Vista theater exists and operates. They’re usually playing the most popular movie that’s currently out, too, which is even better.


  7. In-n-out: I’ll confess, this one is a little misleading. If you want me to choose my favorite fast food burger, I’m going with Shake Shack all the way. (True to my little NY transplant heart). HOWEVER. In-n-out feels as LA as palm trees. The first time I had it I wasn’t super impressed in terms of taste, but it was a part of really great memories. It was after the One Direction concert in San Diego while I was on vacation.  All I really remember that coming down from the post concert euphoria was perfectly complemented with fast food. The second time I actually had In-n-out was last summer in Vegas on vacation with my best friends. We hadn’t even gotten to our hotel yet and the stop at In-n-out was the perfect preview for my friends John and Von to see exactly what they could expect in Vegas. I’m literally laughing as I type this because I turned to Von at one point and his facial expression looking around at the clientele was priceless. So In-n’out = great memories and for that reason it’s a part of the things I love about LA. My order: cheeseburger with no tomatoes & fried onion, fries well done animal style and a neapolitan shake. Cheers!


  8. Fresh produce: Since deciding to be more plant based I’ve needed to really up the amounts of fruit and veggies I eat. Fresh, in season, produce from Trader Joe’s and the H Mart near my apartment has helped me so much. For the last month or so the cherries have been on sale for $2/lb and I’m looooving life.

  9. Hiking: Ya girl likes a nice hike through some nature, y’all. When I lived in NY my friends and I would frequently go on super long walks in the fall and summer. I loved those walks through the park or trekking through the city, but I’m also really grateful for hiking trails. The two places I’ve frequented the most are Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park. They both have merit and I’m looking forward to exploring even more hiking trails in the months to come.


  10. My rooftop view: One of the deciding factors for me choosing this apartment was because of how excellent the view from the rooftop looks. It’s a full 360 with views of the Hollywood sign, downtown and the mountains beyond. Next stop, penthouse apartment. Ha!

If you live in LA be sure to tell me what I absolutely must check out next either in the comment section or on social media. Don’t be shy, come say ‘hello’ on Instagram!



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