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For a lot of people the words ‘exciting’ and ‘work out’ don’t belong in the same sentence, but if you want to be one of those people who does get excited I’ve got some tips for you. Today’s post is a collaboration with my friend Faith who has been my work out buddy over the last couple of years while I lived in New York. She recently received her NASM certification AND launched a fitness Instagram (@thesweatycoconut) so I figured she’d be the perfect person to help get people excited!

Read on to stop torturing yourself for a ‘summer body’ (spoiler: you already have it!) and to start enjoying working out!

  1. List out your goals: They can be anything from ‘work out three times a week’ to ‘try one new class a month.’ Goals keep you focused and intentional and intentionality is key to building a routine. (Faith) Stating the outcomes you want to see will help you with choosing appropriate exercises, and help avoid aimless wandering around the gym, doing a few of this and a few of that until you’re so bored and confused you just give up. Set goals, stay focused and you’ll see results much quicker! Do you love that feeling of being able to check something off of your to-do list? Who doesn’t!? Add those #goals to your weekly or monthly to-do list. If you need inspo for creating a bullet journal or planner to track your week and goals feel free to check out this Pinterest board!

  2. Find a method you really love: (F) If you don’t like to run, don’t. If you don’t like weights, don’t do them. Not saying you should avoid cardio or strength training, but if you force yourself to do something you hate, it turns exercise into a chore rather than a healthy choice you look forward to. There are so many methods out there for cardio and strength training; you’re bound to find one you like. Try anything, but don’t force it if it’s not yo thang! The majority of the people I know who ‘don’t like to work out’ skip this step. You don’t like to work out because you’re not doing something you enjoy! You have to experiment and try a bunch of different kinds of things, the options for classes online and in studios are practically infinite. What kinds of things do you like to do? Do you like high energy, fast work outs? Try different HIITs (high intensity interval training) or indoor cycling. Do you like to hit things and don’t want to be arrested for it? Try kickboxing or boxing. Do you like dancing? Try a myriad of Zumba, hip-hop or even pole dancing classes. Do you like low impact and focused work outs? Check out barre classes or pilates! Think of it like you’re on The Bachelorette, but instead of handing roses to hot men you hand them to hot work-outs. (A lot of those bachelors are fitness trainers so working out regularly may just also land you your dream man. Just saying.)

  3. Be consistent: Consistency is the key to seeing results and results help us stay excited! My actual schedule of what exercises I do varies from time to time, but I try to be consistent no matter what. Three to five days of intentional high energy work outs with one to two rest days and lower impact work outs is my general rule of thumb. I have a lot of different kinds of work outs on my roster and that keeps me from getting bored in the midst of my routine. Because I’ve taken the time to figure out what I like, I’m never at a loss when I want to work out if one day I want stress relief and the next I want strength training. I have options and so do you!

    whole grain bowl-01.png
    a delicious bowl from Dig In on Faith’s instagram


  4. Don’t forget about nutrition: (F) What you eat is just as important as your workouts: you can work out as much as you want, but if you eat donuts for every meal, it’s not going to change much. Find a balance between healthy consistency and treat yo-self moments, and always remember to refuel with protein after you’ve finished a good sweat sesh!

  5. Pick up new work out clothes: The time I most loved taking selfies was in that sweaty, blissful, glowing, ‘I am woman hear me roar’ time right after an amazing work out. I may look like a beast, but I feel like a goddess and I want everyone and their mama to know it! New work out clothes can help you feel excited about the work out and keep you looking like #goals in that post work out selfie. I’m the queen of buying work out clothes when they go on sale or even in resale shops. (When purchasing from a resale shop, be sure to make sure the tags are still attached. Most places will not resell work out gear unless it has never been worn and still has the tags, by the way). You don’t need to buy the priciest sports bra or shorts, but sometimes just a simple pair of pants in a new fun print can have you feeling like the belle of the barre.

  6. Take a breather: Rest days are mandatory. Man, I feel like overwhelmingly Americans just do not value rest. Rest is essential for muscle recovery and growth and 1000& necessary for creating a fun routine. In this #hustlehard culture we can forget that there is value in reflection, recharging, reevaluation and sleep. (F) Build rest days into your routine so that you don’t injure yourself or sideline those #goals that you created. Be sure to leave at least 1-2 rest days for recovery; your body needs time to rest and repair the muscles that it’s been breaking down during your workouts. I know you may want to keep crushing your goals every single day, but without proper rest and replenishment, injury is more likely, which means forced rest and a longer wait for those results. Listen to your body and take it easy every so often. If you must do something on your day off, try some light yoga, stretching or foam rolling to aid in recovery.

    danielle peazar-01.png
    Danielle serving some serious #abgoals


  7. Follow inspiring accounts: This is one you need to exercise (aha!) a but of caution around. It can be easy to slide from ‘inspired’ to ‘envious’ with social media. However, following the right accounts can help motivate you on the days when you’re and can even give you new work out ideas or recipes! My favorite fitness chick that I follow is Danielle Peazar, a dancer from the UK. She is super pretty, posts relatable content, inspires me to work hard and she doesn’t seem like she’s trying too hard. Fingers crossed she comes to LA soon because sometimes she does group classes and I’d love to take one from her! I follow her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for everything from work outs to new smoothie recipes.

  8. Be realistic: (F) Start at a level you can handle, then slowly work your way up: if you increase your weight, reps, running time, etc. too drastically, it could be counterproductive to your workout. Challenging ourselves is how we grow stronger, but doing too much too fast increases the risk for injury. Take small steps each time you want a challenge (i.e. weights: add 1 or 2 lbs or a few more reps / running: add a quarter mile or subtract 10-20 sec. from your time) and make sure you’re comfortable with each level before moving on to the next one. Again, listen to your body so you can safely reach your goals!
    faith and jas

  9. Grab a work out buddy: I had always heard about this, but when I finally had my own work out buddies I finally understood. It is life. changing. Okay, that may be a liiittle dramatic (although I maintain that working out is life changing) but the sentiment is true. When I lived in New York my roommate (who is a friend from high school!) and I used to do YouTube work outs together. This was great because it created a routine, accountability and there was someone there to complain  and encourage each other. Our favorite is a chick known as Zuzka and her work outs focus on HIIT. Let me tell you, sometimes I felt like I flopped around the floor like a fish more than I looked like a fitness queen, but they made a difference. My other work out buddy is Faith! We were friends from church and happened to run into each other at the I Love Kickboxing studio in Chelsea one day and the rest, as they say, is history. We went from taking kickboxing classes together to trying new classes all around the city. She is an absolute beast and the nicest person I know and working out with her by my side always feels amazing.

  10. Get started!: Here are five of my favorite YouTube work-outs to get you started and thinking out of the box. 

What are your fitness goals? Let me know here or over on my Instagram!



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