27 Life Lessons I learned by 27 // 27 ways to always be at HOME (part 2)

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12. Call your mom more. I have a great relationship with my mom. As an only child, it was mostly her and I as I was growing up. I know what my movie to NY, and now LA, has been tough on her. I tried to get into the habit of calling her every Saturday. It doesn’t have to be a long call, but it’s nice to show the person who cared and nurtured you that you’re thinking of them. Parents are people! The older I get the more I think about how hard it would be for me to be away from children after watching them grow and be dependent on you for nearly two decades. Obviously everyone doesn’t have a great relationship with their mother, so this could be any parental figure that nurtured you. I bet they’d love to hear your voice. Continue reading “27 Life Lessons I learned by 27 // 27 ways to always be at HOME (part 2)”


27 Life Lessons I learned by 27 // 27 ways to always be at HOME

For my birthday I wanted to share 27 life lessons and things I have learned that have helped me to feel at home-in my own skin, in the world, in my relationships. That feeling of comfort and belonging in attainable and accessible.

Cheers to another year around the sun!


27. Don’t give up. It sounds trite, simple and overwrought, but hear me on this-do not freaking give up. I’ve learned that the areas in your life where you face the most resistance are indicative of where you may find your greatest potential for growth, peace, and joy. Life is tough and we all fight battles. I’m not talking about fights with a friend or co-worker, I’m talking about those inner struggles. Those days where the voice within you whispers, ‘you will never get there. you will never achieve that. you will always be lonely. you are not that talented’ are overwhelming. It doesn’t make it easy. There are days I look around and think, ‘what am I doing? why am I trying? I don’t have it in me.’ Those are the days where I dig deep and lean heavily on God. I pray a lot of, ‘if you want this to happen You have to make it happen because I don’t have it in me’ prayers and lo and behold, it turns out I’ve endured things I wanted to quit and gone through things I just wanted to get around. Continue reading “27 Life Lessons I learned by 27 // 27 ways to always be at HOME”



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I’m going to mixing things up around here and decided to go ahead and get the party started today with a fun work out game I made for myself.* I absolutely love working out now, but I didn’t become ‘fit’ or active until my freshman year of college. Between my freshman and sophomore year I actually lost about 20 pounds instead of gaining the ‘freshman 15’! I’ll talk more about that on another date. Today I wanted to share a really fun work out, of sorts, I created to mix things up. For the first time in over 3 years I have cable and for the first time in ever I’ve been watching The Bachelorette. As a fellow black chick I wanted to watch to support Rachel and support all black women in mainstream media. The more support we have, the more we can have diversified representations for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds!

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LA week 6 // sword play


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I’m just going to warn you from the jump, the next few weeks are going to be a little repetitive. BUT! I have something(s) super exciting (blog posts, videos, etc) coming up so expect to see more than the weekly ‘I searched for jobs and had a fun weekend with my best friend’ blogs and vlogs. As for this week? You guessed it, a job interview, the job hunt continued and I had a super relaxing weekend with Alyssa. Continue reading “LA week 6 // sword play”

LA week 5 // I love you, mom

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My original plan upon moving to LA was not to travel back to the East Coast until 2018. As much as I love traveling (really love traveling!), flying across country for short trips spent running around was not high on my idea of a fun time. However, my oldest cousin’s baby’s dedication and Mother’s Day weekend conspired against me and it seems that the powers that be had other plans. The powers that be, of course, are my mother. Continue reading “LA week 5 // I love you, mom”