LA week 2 // glamping

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bucket list, check // COACHELLA

The very last bullet point on my 2017 capsule, a to-do list of sorts for the year, is ‘attend a music festival.’



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week 1 // welcome to LA


WEEK 1: 4.13-4.20

I abruptly transitioned from sleep to wakefulness on the morning of April 13th. Was I really doing this? Until now, it hadn’t really sunken in that I was moving to LA. It honestly felt kind of like a vacation, because I travel so regularly. But here we were. All of my belongings had been packed and sent ahead to LA. The only things I had with me to sustain me until I settled in were two suitcases I planned to check, a carry on and a backpack. I was really doing this and firmly told myself this was not a mistake.

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interlude // ROOTS


When you were little did you ever play the hand game about the church and the steeple? Did you tuck your last 3 fingers inside and let your index fingers touch to form the steeple? ‘Here is the church and here is the steeple… open up the doors and see all the people!’ *wiggles fingers*

That exact shape our index fingers made was in the center of the sidewalk where the concrete mitered up. I was going for a walk around my neighborhood last week and luckily looked down before getting to the place in the sidewalk that surely would have sent me sprawling had I not been paying attention. The root from the tree next to the sidewalk had continued to grow and thrive regardless of the concrete laid in the middle of its path. I walked by and wondered, ‘am I the concrete or am I the tree?’

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part of where I’m going // HOME

The phrase, ‘I don’t wanna be’ peeks out below my bra from its permanent place on my right rib cage. I had just moved to New York and wanted a tangible reminder to stay true to myself. Plus, my mom had threatened me many times if I had gotten a tattoo any sooner.

I discovered Gavin DeGraw’s song I Don’t Wanna Be when I was a middle schooler obsessed with the show ‘One Tree Hill.’ The song felt real and relatable to an angsty teenager in the way that few things do during that time. Years since, it has continued to elicit nostalgia and still grounds me in ways that music so often can.

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